All breeds of cats and dogs can benefit from a regular bath. At our animal hospital in Laguna Beach, we offer professional bathing services for your best friend.

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Bathing Your Pet

Our bathing services are available daily and include shampooing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland extraction, blow drying, and brushing. 

Does your pet have skin allergies? If so, regular bathing can help them feel much better and reduce allergy symptoms. At Canyon Animal Hospital, we offer baths specifically for pets with these conditions.

The shampoo we use will keep your car or dog smelling good for two weeks! 

Bathing & Grooming, Laguna Beach Veterinarians

When Should I Bathe my Dog?

While bathing your dog regularly is important, but doing so too frequently can cause irritation, dryness and other skin problems.

Dogs with longer coats tend to end up with more dirt and debris in their fur, leading to the need for more baths (about once a month depending on how dirty they get). However, dogs with shorter fur may only require a bath every three months. 

Benefits of Bathing

Bathing cats and dogs regularly have several sanitary and dermatological benefits. Bathing:

  • Removes dirt & odor for cleaner skin and coat
  • Softens and conditions coat
  • Reduces shedding
  • Helps treat and reduce symptoms of allergies & skin conditions
  • Helps us monitor your pet's health

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