About Us

History of Canyon Animal Hospital  

Canyon Animal Hospital was originally built in beautiful Laguna Canyon in Laguna Beach, CA during the early 1950's. It originally served as a mixed veterinary practice, treating both small and large animals. The animal hospital went through several owners in the years between 1950 through 1977. The practice was sold to Dr. Hamil in 1977 and has been remodeled extensively. Since 1977 it has grown from a 1 doctor hospital to a 3 doctor hospital, treating dogs, cats and pocket pets. Dr. Alaluf (Or Dr. "G") came in 2001 as Dr. Hamil's associate and became a full partner in 2007, then full owner in 2011. Dr. Lauren Brower joined us in 2008, and Dr. Natalia Lisek was welcomed in 2019. 


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